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Villa Renovation


Century old Auckland villas are unique and need an experienced touch. Have your villa renovated by experienced builders who have dealt with all the unique challenges when working on these beautiful homes.

Just how much does it cost to renovate a Villa? The average Villa renovation in Auckland  we have done is valued between $85,000 and $190,000. If you want to add an 80-square-metre ground-floor extension with inclusions, you’ll be looking at $185,000 to $350,000.

If you are thinking of the future value of property in the Auckland market, certain trends appeal to buyers of these kinds of properties.

The top Auckland villa renovation ideas: 

  • Using bi-fold doors to really open up the house at the back creating indoor/outdoor flow.
  • Installing bigger windows to take advantage of views (if any).
  • Most original villas have multiple small rooms – Modern buyers prefer open-plan living areas and take out interior walls. 
  • Modernising the kitchen with better design, often adjoining entertainment areas.
  • Modernising the bathrooms, full height tiles and walk in tile showers. 
  • Building walk in wardrobes. 
  • Including dedicated home office. 
  • Upgrade electrical for modern requirements and lighting upgrades.
  • Freshening the look of homes by painting interior and exterior.
  • Adding a pool if the space and access is available. Outdoor living space is becoming more popular.
  • Landscape from the curb to the back fence  with style.

If you are thinking about renovating your villa, dont call any builder, call the ones that have knowledge & expereince with your type of renovation.