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Apartment Renovations


Apartment renovations in Auckland comes with its own set of unique building requirements. We are experienced in dealing with these kids of challenges.

You may own the apartment, but you don’t own the whole building as you would with a stand alone house – so we also have to work with your Body corporate. It is essential to understand the bodycorp or strata requirements that apply in your building – as well as other factors like noise restrictions, parking and the practical logistics of the renovation project before any building  starts.

We understand these challenges.

We can project manage your apartment renovation from start to finish. You get to deal with one person only, which means you don’t have to organise the sub-contractors or  – we coordinate everything and make it happen.

All our sub contractors are licensed and registered with full insurance.

The Challenges of an Apartment Renovation

Renovating an apartment in Auckland has its own set of challenges. Looking at the basics, we would need to know:

  • Have you had the work approved by the body corporate?
  • Where is all the apartment renovation rubbish going to go?
  • What are the hours we can work in the building?
  • Where can all the delivery trucks for the – tiles, kitchen cabinets, stone benchtops, appliances etc – going to park?
  • Where do the contractors park when they are all working together on a busy day?
  • Is there a service or freight elevator?
  • Are parking permits required if there are multiple trades?
  • If mains water needs to be turned off, who needs to be notified?

If you are thinking of renovating your apartment or have plans, please get in touch.